Integrated with Church

Integrated with Church Sagoal is integrated with churches. Presently, working with churches in 17 districts of Nepal, Sagoal encourages, promotes and advises church for integral mission. Sagoal believes that the gospel should reach the people via church more than from an organization. Therefore, numerous churches across Nepal have been united with Sagoal for a spectrum […]

Integral Mission

Integral Mission Sagoal, non- governmental organization, works in the field of integral mission with churches. Our headings include: councelling, empowerment, community- building, etc. We have successfully completed our 10 years of service. Our values and visions will be there for the coming days.


Empowerment Sagoal has been working with a number churches, encouraging them to provide skill development training to the members… A lot of the members who have received such training are now serving the community in the same way. Sagoal believes in integral mission of the church which in turn glorifies the gospel.