A dream to have my own house

A dream to have my own house My name is Budhini Chaudhari. I live in Baghfata, Kanchanpur District, in the Far-West Region of Nepal. Everybody has a dream to do something better in the future and to have a basis to make their dream come true. My dream is to build my own house. I […]

The church opened our eyes

The church opened our eyes Lekhnath Municipality is a tourist area around the beautifulBegnaslake, attracting visitors from inside as well as outside the country. Talchowk Church, a Sagoal partner, is located near Begnas Lake. A stream nearby was polluted and disrupted the beautiful scenery of the lake. Local people used it as dumping site. The […]

She is confident now!

She is confident now! ChandramayaPariyar,60 years old, lives in Rampur Chaurah, Nawalparasi. She grew up in a family with five sisters and four brothers, her father and mother. At the age of 11 she got married.  She said, “I was very much upset with my family and society because I could not get school-education for […]