A dream to have my own house

My name is Budhini Chaudhari. I live in Baghfata, Kanchanpur District, in the Far-West Region of Nepal. Everybody has a dream to do something better in the future and to have a basis to make their dream come true. My dream is to build my own house.

I am living in a plastic tent because I am a bonded labourer since my childhood. We have 10 family members, 7 daughters and one son. My parents were uneducated and  didn’t send us to school to study.

We were also very poor. We didn’t have our own land and used to live in other’s houses. My parents arranged for me to marry very early while I was still a child.  My husband and his family were also very poor. ThereforeI had to remain a bonded labourer even after marriage. After some years we were very happy to have children.But when they became sick, we didn’t have money for their treatment.  It was very difficult to feed our children every morning and evening. Our children had to wear the worn out and torn clothes that our mastersgave to us after these had become useless to them.

One day my younger daughter got unconscious and we took her to the doctor. He told us that her unconsciousness was because of general weakness. Her problem continued each day. Then we took her to Bharra,a witch Doctor.He told us that she had been attacked by an evil spirit. To remove it from her body, he told us to bring a hen, a goat, locally produced wine and some metal pots to him on the next day. We did as he told,having to take a loan from our master. The witch doctor could not heal her.  We were very upset.

In our community there was a women’s groupthat I was a member of. It was established with the help of Berseba Church in Mahendranagar, a Sagoal partner church.

Seeing our extremely poor condition, the women’s group decided to provide me with a piglet. I was happy to raise the piglet to get an income from it as well.  At the same time, some women of my community suggested I take my daughter to Church and request prayer for her, so that she could be healed. On the next day, I took my daughter to church and requested prayer. The Pastor and the church leaders prayed for my daughter. After a few days my daughter was completely healed, which was a miracle for me and my family.  At this time we started going tochurch and now we are regularly in church fellowship.

Now, it’s been twice that the pig has bred, 8 piglets the first time and 12 piglets the second time. I am very happy that I am able to save some money in the bank through this. I am still continuing the pig farming and hope that I surely will build my own house very soon. I have now the basis to make my dream come true. I am really very thankful to the women’s group and Berseba Church. They loved me so much and brought joy into my life. I also thank Sagoal forteaching and showing my Church to love people who are in need just like me.

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