About Sagoal

Who we are?

Sagoal is a, non-government and non-profit organization established in Kaski district in 2003. The organization engages in working with the marginalized communities to develop hope amidst hopelessness, develop a shared vision of transformed community, and facilitate them to identify and act upon root causes of problems and barriers of change to move towards the shared vision.

Sagoal has been working in three areas such as Community Mobilisation, Community Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation and Community Based Rehabilitation of the Persons with Disabilities.

Target groups of the organization are disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable groups such as women, youth, children and people with disabilities.


“Sagoal is a organisation works in partnership with local communities and institutions through equipping and mobilising them to engage in the transformation of communities of those living in material and spiritual poverty in Nepal.”


“Communities in Nepal are positively transformed”