Community Based Inclusive Risk Management Training

A four days community based inclusive risk management training was held in Lekbesi municipality, Gagante, Surkkhet district. Surkhet district is within the disaster risk prone area of Nepal, where Sagoal is working.  All together 33 community leaders participated in the training.  The resilience advisor of Tearfund Nepal, Binod Ghimire facilitated the training.

The main topics facilitated in the training were, Disaster including types of disaster (e.g. earthquake, flooding, disease or famine).  The cycle of disaster management, risk classification, resilience, and the impact of climate change. Participants drew a social map and analyzed the risk due to a potential disaster in their area. During the training they set up a disaster management fund from money collected by the participants. Participants have now made a contingency plan for the reduction of harm due to disaster and made action plans to form a disaster management team in their community.

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