Disaster preparedness related workshops organised in Lakhebesi Municipality Surkhet

Two workshops were conducted on Disaster preparedness in Kalyan and Dashrathpur of Lekhbeshi Surkhet in mid July 2018 in co-ordination with the municipality. These workshops were conducted for newly elected members and ward secretaries. Secretaries, chair persons and female representatives of all wards of Lekhbeshi Municipality attended the workshops. The workshops were organized in two places so that all wards of the municipality would be covered. 41 participants attended the workshop. The workshops covered the content of Disaster Risk Mitigation and Management Strategies, Policies of Government of Nepal and an Introduction to the Disaster Response Act of Nepal. Resilience Advisor Mr. Binod Ghimire from Tearfund Nepal Country Office facilitated the workshops.

The Deputy Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer and the Administrative Officer of the Lekhbesi Municipality Office attended the whole time of the workshops as observers. They appreciated the training and decided to form municipality and ward level disaster management committee very soon. A common understanding has been made among Nepal Red Cross Surkhet, Lekbshi Municipality and Sagoal for collaboration and working together in future in the capacity building of the municipality on disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation.

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