Local Church's Initiation

Rampur Chauraha is a small village of theNawalparashi district. It lies in the western region and in the southern plain part of Nepal. Zion Community Group (ZCG) is in the same village and has been doing a partnership with Sagoal for last four years and is involved in some of the social activities. This CG is formed in the Zion Church and is having good fellowship. It has focused on the spiritual and physical development of the community, sharing the Gospel through different of social activities. Sagoal taught them about Integral Mission and provided different kinds of trainings and workshops according to their needs.

There is a weekly market called Haat Bazar where the local people buy and sell the goods according to their needs.  Every week more than 1000 people visit this small village’s market.

Local Church Participation | ToiletThere were no toilets and drinking water in this market. People used to visit from home to home near by the market and ask for water to drink. They also used to pass urine in the corner of the market and road. So it made the surroundings dirty, and the local people used to be sick by the different kinds of communicable diseases. People who visit the market return to their own villages but the local people near the market live there. They were facing these problems from many years.

This CG also noticed the problems of the drinking water and toilets in the small market. They (CG) tried to discuss many times with the community leaders, market management committee and villagers about how they could solve these problems in the market. Later they came to the conclusion that they would fix a hand pump for drinking water and make a public toilet near the market place.

Later they agreed that community people would provide labour contribution for the construction. Market management committee contributed small funds for this, the Zion Church offered in the church to contribute and Sagoal also provided a small amount of money through the Zion Church. At last they have fixed a hand pump for drinking water in the corner of the market and a public toilet at the other corner.

At last all the community people and the market management committee are happy and thanked the Zion Church leaders for its initiation to complete the task. Now they don’t need to go door to door for drinking water and the surrounding area is also clean due to the toilet.

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