No need to go door to door

Meena Kumari Chaudhary, inhabitant of Dhangadhi Municipality – 14; is living with her five family members. She has three little siblings and a mother. They were from a poor family background and did not own their land.

Meena’s father and mother used to collect food in difficult situations. Her father and mother had to do hard labour just for the sake of joining mouths and hands. But Meena had a keen interest in study, but she never completed grade 12. Disaster came to her family and in her own life. When she was in grade 12, her father died untimely. Day by day poverty deepened in her family, resulted in a scarcity of basic needs, i.e. food and clothes.

She was compelled to withdraw her school study and wandered here and there hunting for a job for food and clothes. Nobody accepted her as an employee and was unable to get work. At that time she realized and said, “I could not find any job for me, because no one is ready to provide a job for someone like me, who is poor, and has no relatives in high positions.”  She needed to find a job to support her family because she was the eldest one in the family. She made every effort to find a job but was unable to find one. She felt a failure and became hopeless and depressed.

In such her wandering situation, Sagoal partner group, Mahima community group (Church) announced a notice, which was a request for an application for tailoring skill-transferring training. She applied and was selected. She took part in the training and completed a three months course with great encouragement and received basic skills. It was not enough skill for  be a professional. She requested Church leaders to provide an advanced course in tailoring. They agreed and granted her to receive it.

She is now confident and can cut and sew various types of clothes. She decided to set up a tailoring shop, now adays she is very hopeful with her small business where she has a chance of sharpening her skills and earning money. Regarding her own business she said, “Now I can earn Rs. 10,000 per month and have become the owner. She is supporting her family and her siblings, and they are no longer deprived from education. With a smile face she said,” Sagoal partnering with local church has done a great deed for me and now it is not necessary to go door to door to find a job.” She is very hopeful for the future, escaping from poverty and saving money too. She is very thankful to the Mahima Community group and Sagoal for providing such opportunity and managing all of her situations.

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