Second Stage Sangsangai ToT

Sangsangai (CCMP) Second stage workshops have been accomplished in among SS coordinators and Facilitators in Bardiya and Kalali districts. 62 participants from from 30 groups of Bardiya and Kailali participated. Subject of this workshop was Me and My Family. Topics facilitated were; Importance of creation care, Blessed man, and Blessed family, Role of father, mother, husband, wife and son/daughter to be a blessed family. It was second stage of Sangsangai process and essence of the workshop was ‘first change yourself then change your family’.

Participants were excited having opportunity to participate in the training of Sangsangai process. One of the participants Mr. Chedu Chaudhary happily said, “It was one of the best training ever I have participated, It is based on our daily life” At the end of the workshop each participants made commitment to improve their bad habits and start good things in their life.

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