The church opened our eyes

Lekhnath Municipality is a tourist area around the beautifulBegnaslake, attracting visitors from inside as well as outside the country.

Talchowk Church, a Sagoal partner, is located near Begnas Lake. A stream nearby was polluted and disrupted the beautiful scenery of the lake. Local people used it as dumping site. The stream was full of used bottles, plastic, useless garments and the like. It caused pollution of water and environment. Even breathing was difficult due to the bad smell. Visitors, tourists and the local community were negatively impacted.

Sagoal partner ‘Talchowk Church Community Group’ identified this as a major problem and  decided to do something about it. Members of Talchowk Church community groupinitiated a meeting in order tofind solutions to the problem. In a joined effort the stream sanitation campaign was started  withBegnas Youth club and Lekhnath Women’s Community Group. Together these groups cleaned the polluted stream. Now the localcommunity people are repeatingthe cleaning programme on a regular basis. It decreased  the environmental pollution and helped to get rid of the bad smell as well.

Many people were thankful to Tal Chowk churchCommunity Group for the initiation of this very effective stream cleaning programme.

A participant in the stream cleaning campaign said, “We used to clean only inside our homesbut were careless of our surroundings. Really Talchowk Church Community Group opened our eyes. We will now do this regularly.”

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